Birth in 1960 in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), Soviet Union
1976 - 1981 studied painting and stage design in Moscow
since 1995 living and working in Germany
since 1999 member of the National Association of Schleswig-BBK Holsteinseit
since 2004 member of the Artists Union of Rendsburg-Eckernförde


Gallery Essig, Lübeck
Gallery Szyb Wilson",  Katowice, Polen
City Gallery A3, Moskau
Gallery "Avant", Miami Beach
Gallery "Havana", Bremen EA
Gallery mare liberum, Hamburg DA
Museum Island ", Heather EA
Museums in the Cultural Center, Rendsburg, Rendsburg-Eckernförde KB
Gallery 10 N, Hart Ulsnis EA
Gallery Copenhart , Copenhagen, EA
Mercury Gallery IHK zu Kiel, Rendsburg-Eckernförde KB
Town Hall Borup, Denmark EA
European Kunsthof Vicht, Stolberg EA
GAD Gallery, Berlin, EA
YAM Gallery, Zakopane, Poland EA
Kunsthaus Müllers, Rendsburg
KIC, "Nord-Art 08", Rendsburg-Büdelsdorf
Gallery "on port", Flensburg DA
House of the Arts at Schüberg, Ammersbek /
Hamburg KIC, "Nord-Art 2007", Rendsburg-Büdelsdor
Gallery "Art & Book", Hamburg EA
Art Gallery Room B, Kiel, DA
Gallery "Artefactum", Wiesbaden DA
Gallery in the Experimental Theatre Witkacy, Zakopane, Poland EA
Gallery "Art Ring", St. Vith, Belgium EA
National Fine Arts Palac Stuki Castle, Krakow, Poland (Pastel Biennale)
National Fine Arts palace Palac Stuki (Pastel Biennale), Krakow, Poland
Castle Ksiazat Pomorskich, Szczecin, Poland
Galeria Stuki Profile Poznan, Poland
City Gallery, Zakopane, Poland
Belgische Rundfunk, Eupen EA
6th Meldorfer Culturpreis, Dithmarscher State Museum, Meldorf
"Concept '03", BBK-exhibition, representing the country at the federal SH, Berlin
"Concept '03", BBK-exhibition, Hanse-Office - Joint Office
the states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, Brussels, Belgium
Museum "forge building - Museum Island", Heath DA
KIC, "Nord-Art 2004", Rendsburg-Büdelsdorf
Forum for Arts and Culture, Herzogenrath / Aachen / EA
International Biennial Pastel Nowy Sacz, City Gallery BWA, Poland (Catalogue) 2004
Museum "House of Friendship", Moscow
Citadel Museum, Jülich
International Biennial Pastel Nowy Sacz, Poland (Catalogue) 2002
City Gallery BWA, Nowy Sacz, Poland
City Gallery, Zakopane, Poland
National Fine Arts Palac Stuki Castle, Krakow, Poland
Gallery Kralingen, Rotterdam, Netherlands